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The Blue Path

Writer, business journalist and environmental historian Cynthia Barnett makes her home in Gainesville, Florida. She coined the term “The Blue Path” to describe the water programs of Florida’s Eden. These programs are designed to educate us about our water and to inspire us to work together to find creative solutions for Florida’s water problems. But The Blue Path is much more than a group of programs.

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The Blue Path is respect for freshwater in its natural environment that provides the clean drinking water we need to survive.

The Blue Path is the inspiration we find at a cold spring on a hot day and the innovation that sparks new ways to live with water. It’s the acknowledgement that healthy ecosystems are essential for a prosperous new blue-green economy.

It’s the time we take to educate ourselves and our children about water, and the efforts we make to preserve water resources for the future. It’s the realization that we have responsibilities to act in ways that benefit others, not just ourselves.

It’s the creative impulse that drives us to take a photograph, paint a picture, weave a story, or sing a song about our water. It’s collaboration, imagination, communication, and rejuvenation.

  • About the video

    The Center for Earth Jurisprudence partnered with Equinox Documentaries in creating this documentary that tells the story of the Center and its mission to provide legal recognition of nature’s and people’s rights to exist, flourish and evolve in healthy habitats. The film intends to connect us more deeply with local communities and to alert our national and international colleagues to our efforts to promote protection of the natural beauty and health of our bio-region and the building of sustainable communities. The project also serves the larger goal of motivating a profound commitment to respect and legally protect ecosystems and species. The Kalliopeia Foundation and Judith Koons provided generous support of this project. Thanks to Bill Belleville and Bob Giguere for the talent and heart they brought to its creation.