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Building Compost & Community

In nature, a fruit that falls on the ground and rots is returned to the soil for the nourishment of the ecosystem, benefitting the tree and every organism that relies on it. In modern society, that fruit will likely rot in a faraway landfill, release greenhouse gases, and become petrified, serving nobody. Instead, by diverting city food waste from the landfill, we can return the planet’s nutrients back to the soil, so that we can grow more of what we need in the urban area: food. Since Sep
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Sustainable Gainesville Gainesville named one of the top 12 greenest cities in America | read the article Gainesville has many champions of environmental, economic, and community sustainability: the idea that when we interact with our environment, and with each other in our communities, we should strive to meet our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. In Gainesville, sustainability is more than a catch phrase. Twenty-five years of land conservation efforts
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Innovation Square

Innovation Square is a 40-acre urban plan that brings smart growth to the heart of Gainesville, providing space for startup companies, labs, offices, residences, shops, restaurants and open space linking the University of Florida and Gainesville’s vibrant downtown. The prospects for business success at Innovation Square are exponentially greater than the sum of its parts. Together, the elements of Innovation Square offer significant advantages for forward-thinking companies of today and to
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My Kind of Town Victorian Houses, a winding, tree-lined street filled with restaurants, small shops, and boutiques are what you can expect to find in the quaint City of Alachua. Residents and visitors can walk to the supermarket, tennis courts and parks or to the library. People walk their dogs to local restaurants and enjoy an outdoor meal at a local hot spot like Bev’s Better Burgers. How great it is to not have to rely on a car and live as if you are in Europe. Sunday afternoon you will hear
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Nonprofit, civic and community organizations welcome your involvement.   Comprehensive Lists All For Good | Charity Vault | Gainesville Volunteer | Gainesville Volunteer Opportunities | Volunteer Match |
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