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  • “Partnering with [CareerSource North Central Florida] for our employment needs has been very beneficial for us,” said Wilfredo Vidal. “It has been a significant savings just for using their facilities to interview our applicants.”
    Pollo Tropical, Pollo Tropical District Manager
  • “The Employ Florida Marketplace and [CareerSource North Central Florida] helped us fill nine newly created jobs and win an international military contract,” states Bryan da Frota.
    9 New Jobs!, CEO and Co-Founder of Prioria Robotics
  • "The team at [CareerSource North Central Florida] has taken us in with open arms and have worked with us on last minute  schedule changes and recruiting events on short notice," states Bill Dorazio. "We look forward to continuing our partnership with [CareerSource North Central Florida] as we would not be as successful as we are without them!"
    Recruiting Success!, Market Manager/Business Development Manager of ResourceMFG/Prologistix
  • "The relationship that we have created with [CareerSource North Central Florida] over the past few years has been invaluable! The team at [CareerSource North Central Florida] has helped us  recruit and test several hundred candidates with ease and allowed us to find the skilled individuals that our clients are looking for," states Bill Dorazio.
    Recruiting Success!, Market Manager/Business Development Manager of ResourceMFG/Prologistix
  • "The ability to use [CareerSource North Central Florida] to network and to get personally connected to not only the candidates, but also to the community, has proven to be extremely beneficial to Aerotek. When it comes to recruiting, nothing replaces the personal interaction needed to ensure that you are finding the right fit for your company,” states Aaron Machado.
    Successful Targeted Hiring Events, Account Manager of Aerotek
  • "Our region is fortunate to have consistent low unemployment augmented by successful attraction and creation of new companies. We focus on entrepreneurship training as an effective way to prepare our workforce for these new opportunities to help a company grow or create their own job," states Kim Tesch-Vaught.
    Entrepreneurship: Way to Prepare Our Workforce, Executive Director of FloridaWorks
  • "Gainesville's regional approach demonstrates how economic development and education are inextricably linked and need to be viewed as one overall collaborative coarse of action to developing a quality regional workforce. " -2009 ICW Region of Excellence Award-
    Economic Development + Education = Quality Regional Workforce by U.S. Chamber, Arthur J. Rothkopf, Senior Vice-President of the U.S. Chamber
  • "The Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce has facilitated a successful partnership with the Council for Economic Outreach, Alachua/Bradford Regional Workforce Board - [CareerSource North Central Florida], Santa Fe College, the Public K-12 School System, and others." -2009 ICW Region of Excellence Award-
    Successful Partnerships by U.S. Chamber, Arthur J. Rothkopf, Senior Vice-President of the U.S. Chamber
  • Who owns Cross Creek? The red-birds, I think, more than I, for they will have their nests even in the face of delinquent mortgages..It seems to me that the earth may be borrowed, but not bought. It may be used, but not owned. It gives itself in response to love and tending, offers its sesonal flowering and fruiting. But we are tenants and not possessors, lovers, and not masters. Cross Creek belongs to the wind and the rain, to the sun and the seasons, to the cosmic secrecy of seed, and beyond all, to time..."
    Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
  • Gainesville is home to a vibrant and booming business community that is growing and developing every day! Named as the Top Tech City in Florida, Gainesville is proud be the home to one of the leading research universities, the University of Florida, as well as one of the nation’s premier healthcare systems. Our obsession with innovation and technology is raising the standard of living, creating jobs in our community and changing the lives of people around the world.
    Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Innovation Square is becoming the "live, work, play" community within Gainesville that will support the eco-system of Innovation and Entrepeurship that will grow jobs, the economy and create a creative culture for generations to come.
    Ed Poppell
  • Gainesville ranked as best city in Florida for business and careers (2012)
    Forbes Magazine
  • Gainesville ranked #1 in the nation out of 400 metros analyzed in the newest edition of Cities Ranked and Rated (2007)
    Sperling and Sander, Cities Ranked and Rated
  • Gainesville ranked #6 in best places for new college grads, based on jobs, cost of living, and welcoming atmosphere (2012).
    The Atlantic Cities
  • Gainesville ranked #7 in best places to live in the USA (2012).
    Tip Top Tens
  • Gainesville, Florida becomes a world leader in solar power [Energy Self-Reliant States]
    John Farrell
  • 10 Happiest Cities in America: Gainesville ranked #1 in the category of Work Environment | Read More
    Green Living
  • It's a very close drive from the center of Gainesville to open, green and rural space, rivers, lakes, the ocean - alligators, sandhill cranes, bald eagles, deer, even buffalo. This has been Florida's Eden for a long time. Native Americans flourished here for 10,000 years. With the memory and artifacts of that ancient community and our own more recent history, Gainesville and Alachua County have a profound sense of human-rootedness. | Read More
    Jack Donovan
  • We might otherwise be just a little farm town with a great climate if it weren't for the University of Florida, a huge research university that fills our city with innovative people.  | Read More
    Jack Donovan
  • We have more talent here per capita than anywhere I know—than even perhaps New York City! We are an Eden. We’re lush and fertile with both biodiversity and intellectual activity. We’re lucky we’re the size town we are. In many ways, small is powerful because of the concentration of talent, energy and cooperation.
    Patti Breedlove
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